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Navigating on Bad Roads

Be aware of the road conditions, so you don’t get into an accident or become the victim of a blown out tire or worse.


  • Clear Zone Issues – Examples include utility poles, fallen trees, uncovered water drains,  or debris.

  • Irregular Intersections  – Examples include narrow roads, sharp turns that require mirrors, one way streets, or misguided turning lanes.

  • Pothole Fillers – Temporary fix for roads that need to be resurfaced. This temporary fixes can have high or low points.  

  • Lane Guidance – Poorly painted lines, broken, hidden, or missing signs can cause accidents on roads.

  • Construction Signage – Roads marked with construction signs, when the construction isn’t being worked on may cause confusion to drivers.

  • Wheel Ruts – When roads haven't been resurfaced in a while, grooves where wheels often go dig into the road and make it uneven and unsafe.

  • Work Zones – Work zones can be filled with confusing signs and unpredictable changes. It can be difficult to keep up with many directions when trying to drive safely through a work zone.

  • Potholes – These gaps in the road where asphalt used to be can damage tires, make cars swerve, and cause collisions. 


Having a clear, thought out direction may minimize the damage that can be caused from bad roads.  Have the appropriate tools in the vehicle in the case of a breakdown.

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