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3 Signs Your Car Needs a Tune-up

While emergency repairs get you back on the road after auto failure or an accident, routine auto maintenance will help deter malfunctions. While modern cars can be driven for long periods between servicing, they benefit from periodic tune-ups to keep their essential systems and components in peak condition. Use the following guide to determine if your ride is due for a tune-up.

How to Know When to Service Your Vehicle

1. Frequent Stalling

Stalling, which occurs when the engine stops unexpectedly, can be due to insufficient air or fuel intake, electrical problems, or failed engine components. All cars stall occasionally, and restarting the engine is usually enough to resolve the issue. However, if your vehicle stalls frequently at intersections or when accelerating, schedule auto maintenance immediately.

2. Poor Fuel Economy

auto maintenance

A wide range of factors affects fuel efficiency, from the wheel alignment to the car’s electrical systems. If you’re filling the tank more frequently than usual despite driving the same distance, the engine is likely burning gas quicker than it should. Bringing your vehicle into a shop for a tune-up lets mechanics identify the cause so that they can make the necessary adjustments to restore fuel efficiency.

3. Warning Lights

These indicators are connected to the sensors in your car’s suspension, engine, wheels, and essential systems, and they'll illuminate on the dashboard once they detect an issue. While it may be tempting to ignore an activated light, delaying auto maintenance lets the malfunction worsen. As a result, it may be costly or impossible to remedy the damage in time to address the problem.


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